What The Heck Is ThemeThrift?

We're going to occasionally sell commercial WordPress themes at a discount or maybe even give them away. Yup, for free.

What happens to the theme afterwards is up to the developer; Some will sell them on theme marketplaces, others will retire them forever, and some might put their theme in a car and push it off a cliff, creating a fiery inferno of twisted metal and code.

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We Came Together

Over the course of seven days, we the WordPress community came together and raised $2,095 for The American Red Cross and victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Without the community and some great designers and developers who helped make this bundle happen, this would not have been possible. The WordPress community never ceases to amaze me, and behalf of everyone involved, I'd like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.

Jake Caputo,
Design Crumbs & ThemeThrift

The Hurricane Sandy Relief Bundle Has Ended

But that doesn't mean you can't donate. Victims of the hurricane still need our help. Visit the Red Cross and make a donation.

There Are No Themes At The Moment

We'll have another theme soon! Make sure to check back, or signup to our mailing list on the right to be notified of new themes.

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